Uzmar Technology

Founded in 1973 by Senior Captain Altay Altuğ, UZMAR began its journey by establishing "Turkey's First Private Pilotage and Tugboat Company" to serve the ports in the Aegean Sea. The company, in 2007, established a modern shipyard in the Kocaeli Free Zone, using a station-based mass production method to produce state-of-the-art marine vessels. UZMAR carries out more than 30,000 successful maneuvers per year in Nemrut Bay/Aliağa, Ambarlı Port/Istanbul, Hatay Port/Iskenderun, and Akçansa Port/Çanakkale, while also exporting a wide variety of marine vessels to more than 22 countries across 6 continents. UZMAR Technologies was established in 2012 with the aim of developing ERP software for the UZMAR Shipyard, and continues to develop its projects, aiming to make R&D investments that bridge the maritime industry with the digital world.


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