Customer: Asfat

Start Date: 2023-02-28

Handover: 2023-04-30


In order to meet the expectations of ASFAT AŞ,RAFNAR,UZMAR AŞ and UZMAR SHIPYARD and due to the insufficiency of SEM ERP 1.0 in reporting, speed, security, flexibility, ease of use, extensibility (to allow the use of multiple servers) in the analysis of identified needs, studies will be conducted to examine and analyze the systems in the world, to adopt them with current technologies.


  • SEM ERP 2.0 infrastructure, which includes new features and R&D, will be developed

  • Additional modules containing innovations will be developed

  • REST API Update: The existing backand api will be updated to make it suitable for REST Startds

  • Up-to-date Authorization System: In this way, authorization integration can be easily performed with almost any system that complies with the standard.

  • Development of a Dynamic Event System: A dynamic event identification infrastructure will be developed, dynamic events for any user or system can be made by the end user without the need for any code changes.

  • Implementation of Message and Queue Systems and Development of Configuration Tool:With this infrastructure, integration with message-based systems will be made much easier and faster.

  • Development of Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) Tool: With this tool, a BI Tool will be developed in SEM ERP, users will be able to prepare their own special reports and dashboards without the need for an external tool.

  • BMN Module: International land, sea and air vehicles production standard coding systems (SFI, ATA100, ESWBS, S1000D, customer-specific coding, ...) a budget, cost and cash flow and embezzlement tracking module (BMN) will be developed in accordance with.

  • Multiple Project Planning Tool: An integrated gantt will be developed within SEM ERP. Thanks to this tool, users will be able to perform program-based project planning and task management (managing multiple projects under a common program) visually supported without the need for an external project management tool.