Planned Maintenance System(PMS)

Customer: Uzmar

Start Date: 2023-02-28

Handover: 2023-04-30


Provides regular repair, maintenance and control of ship equipment at required intervals.

  • The graph shows the sum of the last 6 months work hours of equipment. Filtering can be done based on equipment type.

  • The bar at the bottom shows the total number of equipment, scheduled maintenances, completed maintenances, and canceled maintenances.

  • project-preview

A new event can be created from the 'New Event' section and the reminders can be added to the event. The 'Upcoming/Delayed Maintenance' table lists templates with less than 360 hours remaining to the maintenance, or templates with less than 15 days remaining to the next maintenance.The bar at the bottom shows the CPU usage, ram usage, disk usage, and system load.


In the Equipment section, the name of any equipment on the ship is defined in the system. Equipment can be filtered by the 'description' field and sorted in descending order. Each equipment in the table can be updated by clicking the edit button, or a new equipment can be created by clicking the new equipment button.

  • In the table below the equipment form, the templates of the equipment are defined. 'day', 'hour' or 'both' can be selected as the type.

  • Maintenance records can be filtered by 'detail' field and sorted descendingly. Each maintenance record in the table can be updated by clicking the edit button.

  • Calendar Scheduled maintenances are shown in green, while the other events are in blue. Reminders can be entered as many times as desired under the events.